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A Journey in Black & White

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Heart Flame Mixed Media Lesson



A journey in black & White:  This is a project anyone can do.  Images have been provided for you but highly recommend you use images taken on your own life journey.  Often we would like our world to be simple where life and situations are either one way or the other;  also known as black and white thinking.  In this project you will only use black and white and expierence the many shades of grade where you must make a decision on what is black and what is white.  I suggest photos with a lot of contrast so it is a little easier to determine this.  It is helpful to print a color image out in black and white to help you with this.

Focus:  Our focus is to create a Journey Card from a photo a SoulCollage® card that is a representation of our heart flame.  You can also do this lesson in your art journal, on canvas, water color paper and more!

What You'll learn:    Enhance your SoulCollage® and journeling art by learning simple painting techniques.  Learn more about compositon and values without the distractions of having to choose colors.  Working with black and white will challage you in choosing what will work to give you a pleaseing compositon.  Uisng the traditional SoulCollage® method of inquiry, you will connect your work to your personal story by dialouging with your artwork to discern what black and white means to you travling on your life journey.

[Video Access] Journey into Black & White| Mixed Media Lesson

Supply List

Assorted Brushes - here are the ones I used.

  • Soulcollage® card stock 5 x 8 from Hanford Mead Publishing.
  • Golden Fluid Matte Medium
  • Acrylic paints of any kind works.  I used Golden:  Titanium White & Carbon Black.  Buy at any art supply or can buy a nice starter set  >>> here.
  • Charcoal Pencils Med/Soft >>>here.  You can also use charcoal sticks or a very soft lead pencil.

Reference Images

Click on image to view large and download.

Or use your own favorite Image

Now we begin the lessons...

This is a three part lessons series!  Enjoy!

Part 1 Trace & Transfer Your Image: Note use charcole pencil or stick to trace.
Part 2: Painting & Inquiry Into The Artwork's Message
Part 3:  Pressing Your Artwork Flat

You Did it!  Yay!


Thank You!

This series was a lot of fun to create!  Thank you all for joining me!  Happy creating!