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The Art of Dream Weaving

A Seven Week Creative Journey 

On-Line Course with Forever Access


Opens January 27th, 2020


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$75 (Value $150)

Travel into the dreamtime awake...and engage conscious dreaming with transformational art making.
This is a creative adventure that takes you into your mythic story.
What if you could weave your discoveries into art you create?
You will be discovering deep connections in your art that offer guidance in your life journey!
This creative class is for you!
Opens January 27th, 2020

Hello Creative Hearts!

I am excited to open this new course and invite you into my creative world! 

This is going to offer YOU a powerful dreaming space where you will be guided into your mythic story, using guided journey experience.

You will learn to connect with your creativity in this week to week offering and develop a deeper sense of your unfolding story.


I'm Deborah Sie, an artist, author, way Guide and avid explorer.

Together we will explore our personal journey of everyday living and mythic discoveries!





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Registration is Open!

$75 (Value $150)


You are invited to become a conscious dreamer and cross the threshold of your imagination into the dream time. Enjoy a dedicated classroom and you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group for sharing.


  • Enter your mythic story
  • Use guided journey experience to spark art-making
  • Explore four mythic archetypes through your weekly journey invitations
  • Learn how your archetypal images relate to your life.
  • Discover how your stories and symbols combine to express different aspects of yourself.
  • Experience fun, insight and transformation as you embrace the journey!

You Will Create!

  • You will create Five Archetypes with at least one art form or card each week, and probably more!
  • As you create and connect to your mythic journey and personal story you will be inspired to add images to your process.

Each Week:

I will share ideas and lessons to spark your creativity and guide you week to week.

Each lesson offering easy ways to weave life, art and myth, using your intuition to create your own art.

I am introducing SoulCollage® for easy collage card making, and I have added a few advanced ways to enhance your SoulCollage®.

You may also use art journaling, painting or any of your favorite mediums to explore the unfolding journey that is offered in this course.


Who Its For:

  • Artists who want to get unstuck, infuse their art with new ideas, and move their art in new directions.
  • Creatives who want to discover new techniques and ways to get into creative flow and find inspiration within their journey.
  • Beginners who want to learn a new easy collage and mixed media approach, with simple instructions,  and be inspired to explore their creative voice.
  • Dreamers & Seekers who are excited to be guided into the dreaming path, accessing new mythic information that guides thier life.


Registration is Open!

ONLY $75 (Value $150)


What Women are Saying:

I enjoyed working with DJ.  I feel more connected with my passion and bliss after using the creative prompts with paint and collage.  I have a better appreciation for the journey I am on...

- Christine from California

DJ created a wonderful space for exploring the link between intuition and creativity.  Her sense of humor and openness while exploring was refreshing.  I experienced several “a ha” moments and experienced shift in consciousness as well as creative tools to use and continue to explore.

- Linda from Michigan

DJ created a sacred, safe space for me to let my inner child come out and play.  I was very impressed with the depth of Dj's wisdom and her clear expression of very important concepts.  She is a wonderful teacher and mentor. 

- Linda from Colorado

I learned that art comes through the soul and is a reflection of me.  We were introduced to many different concepts in accessing our true authentic selves.

- Sarah from Colorado

Discover Your Mythic Traveler
Find the Dreamer + the Key
Weave Your Dreams into Life