Art of Dream Weaving: Creative Introduction

Creative Introduction



Welcome to The Art of Dream Weaving:

I am delighted to have you join me in this Creative Course.

This is the introduction page offering the overview and creative process, that will be used throughout our journey together.  This week is the  most packed with content in the creative course.   The following weeks will be The course was designed with breathing room in mind.

The Creative Course structure is offered in weekly modules, released on the access page.

You have lifetime access to the Course as well as you have a Facebook group that is open for three months. I will be actively commenting for the seven weeks of active Course materials and where we will share each week and continue to enjoy the unfolding journey.

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Introduce yourself in the Facebook group this week….include what you hope to receive from the course if you like!  Then move through the videos offered below to explore the creative process and prepare for your journey.

You will receive a new lesson each week, on Monday, and I suggest that you move through each lesson within 7-10 days, so that you benefit from all of us traveling together!

Make sure to download the  SoulCollage®  Supply List  for helpful creative tools and purchase blank card stock information.  If you don’t have or wish to purchase card stock…remember you can use index cards!  And journal, use mixed media, paint and use what ever media is your joy!

Start Here:

Creative Process and SoulCollage®  

The focus of this course is to take YOUR new insights and the wisdom found in these weeks of dream weaving into visual narrative.  The images you create will serve as an expression of the visual narrative and deep wisdom you have experienced as you create, through your own language of the soul.

The creative process I have included in this course, is called SoulCollage® which is a specific process or type of collage done on card stock.  You are welcome to use SoulCollage® or any other creative ways of art making using materials that you love.  Several ideas are presented in video, below.


Watch The Video – Easy Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

In this course we will be focusing on SoulCollage®  but I invite you to explore a variety of art making ideas as are presented in this video – variety is the spice of life!  Make art as the spirit moves you and follow your heart to make your art!


More inspiration to get you started!

I created four different types of cards to represent my mythic traveler.  You can create on other surfaces and then size them to glue onto 5 x 8 inch card stock.  There many possibilities open to you!



More about creating SoulCollage® Cards –

The Beauty of SoulCollage® is that you can create beautiful mini collages on large index cards by simply using a glue stick and scissors.   This keeps things easy to manage.  Sturdy blank card stock is also available and once you use it you may become hooked!  You can cut your own cards in the shape you like.  Many art stores are happy to cut heavy water color paper to size.  Remember, you may wish to create your own personal card deck, to refer to over time and in that case you want them all the same size.  Your personal journey deck is a wonderful tool to inform your awareness relative to seeking answers to what is going on in your life.

Each individual card is a visual narrative and symbolic representation of your inner wisdom ~ your unique language of the soul.  We will be creating a card each week.   You are also welcome to create art in any form you desire.

Whether a seasoned artist or new to exploring your creativity, SoulCollage® is a wonderful tool.  By combining SoulCollage® with your journal, to log and muse on your discoveries, you create your own personal wisdom chronicles.  Your chronicles are unique to you as they come from your own language of the soul.

Watch The Videos (Part 1 and Part 2) – How to Make a SoulCollage® Card.

If you would like to follow along, gather your materials together. You can tear or cut out some images to begin to create your SoulCollage® Card as you watch.

If you took the free lesson, this is a much longer version.  Often people ask me what my thinking is behind the art I create.  In these videos I share with you my thought creation process and some extra tips to help your art making go more smoothly.   These are private videos hosted on YouTube.  You can enlarge the video by clicking on the square box in the lower right hand corner.   Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:


PDF Download >> Speaking from your SoulCollage® Card


Go for it!  Grab a few magazines, a glue stick, scissors, and index cards or card stock and create!  Make sure to download the  SoulCollage®  Supply List  for helpful creative tools and purchase blank card stock information.




Resource Video – Inspiration for Card Making:

In this video, I share a gallery of personal SoulCollage® cards that I made traveling on my mythic journey of self discovery. May it serve as inspiration and offer you ideas to the many ways you can create these cards, as you travel your journey and creative path.  Click the link to be redirected to your resource page:

Resource Video – Inspiration for Card Making >>>


Lesson Overview:

Watch: Creative Ideas for Art Making & How to make a SoulCollage® Card.
Read: More Inspiration Section
Watch: How to Make a SoulCollage®  Card Part 1 & 2
Download: PDF Speaking from SoulCollage®  Card
Bonus: Inspiration Page

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