Art of Dream Weaving: Lesson 1

Become the Heroine & Mythic Traveler


Who will you be as the Heroine and Mythic Traveler?
The one who seeks the essence of True Self…



Lesson One:

Become the Heroine – What is Conscious Dreaming

The Art of Dream Weaving is a great stepping stone into a life of mythic adventure – your first audio below offers you space to explore The Heroine, awakening to conscious dreaming as the Dreamer – she plays an important role into this new experience as she opens to learning how to use her imagination and develop skills as a conscious dreamer.  After listening you will consciously choose to become the Heroine of your own mythic story.

In a later lesson you will create your Conscious Dreamer.  As the Conscious Dreaming process  is foundational to your journey, I wanted to bring this in at the beginning.  Dragon Dreamer is referenced in the audio but this means the same thing as Conscious Dreamer.

Enter the world of myth and imagination as the Heroine who travels into different dreamscapes to discover the many expressions of self over these next weeks of creating.


 Conscious Dreaming ~ A Way Inward for The Heroine



*I suggest using headphones or a good pair of earbuds, these make a profound difference in your experience as you can hear the nuances of the music with the vocal that are not as clear over speakers. 

Into Avalon references a body of work created to explore your personal journey in the context of mythic story.  It refers to an imaginal mythic world that resides within awaiting exploration.  More a about this work will be shared at the conclusion of this course.



Creating your first archetypal image for the journey.

The Mythic Traveler

The Mythic Traveler is met by the Heroine, on a journey of self-discovery.

As you listen and create, you will uncover information from deep within the landscape of your awareness.  The wisdom held in the Dream World, sometimes called the Other World can be full of surprises and be used to inform your life in ways that are supportive in moving you forward.


Listen to the audio below ~ The Mythic Traveler


You are becoming the Heroine & Mythic Traveler.  Feel into the journey space as you listen and note what shows up that you can weave into your first image when you create.  Take your experience into your art making and your journal.

Create an image that reflects you as the Mythic Traveler.  Use Soulcollage® or your favorite way, as offered in the Introduction. You are calling yourself in as the Mythic Traveler, entering the threshold into a new journey.  I have created a guided experience to help you enter into this journey space.  It is powerful to move immediately into your art making from this dreaming space.  Your intuition will guide you towards colors, symbols, textures, and imagery for your creation.

Journal Questions:

How do you see yourself as the Mythic Traveler?
What symbols arise you wish to carry with you as this archetype?
What animal guide or bird who wishes to travel with you?
What is the threshold that stands before you?
How can the Mythic Traveler help you during this time of your life, in terms of desires, goals or decisions?


Invite Your Card to Speak:

 I am the one who…
What I have to tell you is…
What I have to give you is…
My name is…

Lesson Overview:

Listen: To the Audio – Conscious Dreaming
Listen: To the Mythic Traveler Guided Journey
Create: An image that reflects you as the Mythic Traveler
Muse:  Expand the creative with the Journal Questions
Share:  We inspire each other through the sharing of ourselves and our discoveries.

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