Art of Dream Weaving: Lesson 2

Become the Dreamer & the Key

Who you will be as the Dreamer & the Key?
The one who unlocks your imagination to enter into what you already know…?



The Power of Conscious Dreaming ~ The Dreamer & the Key

Conscious Dreaming uses your active imagination.  This is a powerful tool!  Often we are stuck in a mindset that has been indoctrinated with a lifetime of influences both consciously and unconsciously creating a framework of who we are and how things should be.  It can be difficult to break into an alternate perspective.

Practicing the Art of Dream Weaving helps us bypass our current mindset and expand our perspective into new ways of seeing and experiencing.

New insights about who we are and what we want to experience expand our sense of well being by opening doors to strengths, desires and capabilities we might otherwise be unaware of.

Unlock The Potential of Your Imagination

The Art of Dream Weaving offers a Key to unlock your imagination.  A way to rekindle your sense of wonder and adventure making life more exciting and alive.  It opens doors into a self-discovery process that can inform your everyday living, spark your creative fire and bring a new sense of depth to your life and creativity.

Unlock your own language of the Soul through creativity.  You will discover along your journey, keys that unlock your own language of the Soul.  As you consciously enter into a self-discovery process as a Mythic Traveler, you become more aware of new ways of noticing of what transpires in both your internal and external worlds.  You learn to discern the wisdom that is uniquely yours.  This is a fun and creative way to weave the new wisdom gained into your life and live more fully from your True Self.


We are all Dreamers

We are all dreamers being dreamed. We are Dream weavers weaving the dream. We weave, untangle and reweave the threads of our life patterns that make up who we are.  We create a new mythic story each time we do so: weaving who we desire to be, evolving through the loom.

We are the woven ones weaving the tapestry of our life journey.  One that holds the pattern of who we are as we evolve into the fullness of our expression.  We dream the dream of ourselves and our experiences.    Our Imagination is a powerful tool.

This is a time of awakening.  You are being called from your unconscious dream sleep as you are the player in this dream.  The dreamer being dreamed and the dreamer dreaming the dream.



Creating Your Second Archetypal Image for the Journey
The Dreamer & the Key


Listen:  to the Audio – The Dreamer & the Key

You are becoming the Dreamer & the Key.  Feel into the journey space as you listen and note what shows up that you can weave into your second image.  Take your experience into your journal then into your art making.


Create an image that reflects you as the Dreamer & the Key.  Use Soulcollage® or your favorite way to call yourself in as the Dreamer and the Key entering the threshold into a new journey.  I have created a guided experience to help you enter into this journey space.

It is powerful to move immediately into your art making from this dreaming space.  Your intuition will guide you towards colors, symbols, textures, and imagery for your creation.



Journal Depth Inquiry Questions:

What comes to mind when you hear the word Dream?
When you hear:  We are the Dreamers being dreamed weaving the dream of us, what does meaning does this hold for you?
What form does your key take?  What shapes, symbols, styles, colors, plants, crystals and so on can be a key?


Invite Your Card to Speak:

 I am the one who…
What I have to tell you is…
What I have to give you is…
My name is…



Lesson Overview:

Listen: Audio – The Dreamer & the Key
Create: Create an image that reflects you as the Dreamer + the Key
Muse:  Expand the creative with the Journal Questions
Share:  We inspire each other through the sharing of ourselves and our discoveries.

Feel free to share your art, responses to journal questions and insights you have discovered in our sacred circle the Facebook Group, HERE



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