Art of Dream Weaving: Lesson 3

The Conscious Dreamer

Who you will be as the Conscious Dreamer?
The one who rests with eyes partly open and sees both the seen and unseen…?


Conscious Dreaming and the Dragon Dreamer

At the beginning of the course, you listened to an audio about conscious dreaming and learning to become a conscious dreamer.  As it is a foundational process, enjoy a refresher summary which also serves as an entry point into becoming the Conscious Dreamer.

There are many ways to dream.  Unconsciously dreaming while asleep is one pathway of discovery.  You can notice what you are dreaming while in your dream and upon awaking scribe what you remember for further exploration to decipher its meaning.

Day dreaming is useful as well as here you can let your mind wander at will with no thought or intention.

The Conscious Dreamer

There is another Dreamer and this is the Dreamer we will dream on together, as we create.   The one who dreams awake:  The Conscious Dreamer, is also known as the Dragon Dreamer.  The mythic qualities of the Dragon are its ability to sleep with eyes partly open and be in two worlds at the same time.  This is one reason behind the name Dragon Dreamer as many Conscious Dreamers dream with eyes partly open.  If you are leery of dragons, you may simply think of yourself as a Conscious Dreamer or dream up a new name.

The Conscious Dreamer listens deeply to the dream of the earth and the cosmos.  This is the one who is aware of…what it is that wants to flow through them.  This is the dreamer who hears the calling of a new dream and senses the impulse of life calling them, to move towards more life expression.

Synchronicity is key.  As a Conscious Dreamer,  you pay attention to synchronicities that occur in daily life.  Consciously you enter the dream space to explore how they might connect and discern what holds meaning for you.  The reverse is is also true as you can take what you have discovered in the dreamtime and see how they connect to what you notice in your life.


Creating Your Third archetypal image for the journey
The Conscious Dreamer

Listen to the Audio – The Conscious Dreamer

You are becoming the Conscious Dreamer.  Ease into this journey space to see, feel, and experience what is shown to you.  Take your experiences into your journal.


Create an image that reflects you as the Conscious Dreamer.  Use Soulcollage®  or your favorite way to call yourself in as the Conscious Dreamer.  I have created a guided experience to help you entering into this journey space.  It is powerful to move immediately into your art making from this dreaming space.  With your intention focused on this archetype, your intuition will guide you towards colors, symbols, textures, and imagery for your creation


Journal Depth Inquiry questions

In what ways have you felt like your imagination has been shut down growing up?
What sparks your imagination to open up with new ideas and creativity?
What causes your imagination to suddenly close back down?
What connections can you make from the dreamtime with what is going on in your own life?


Invite Your Card to Speak:

 I am the one who…
What I have to tell you is…
What I have to give you is…
My name is…


Lesson Overview:

Listen:  Audio – The Conscious Dreamer
Create:  Create an image that reflects you as the Conscious Dreamer
Muse:  Journal Depth Inquiry questions
Share:  We inspire each other through the sharing of ourselves and our discoveries.

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