Art of Dream Weaving: Lesson 5

Become the Dream Weaver 


Who you will be as Dream Weaver?
The one who weaves and reweaves your unfolding story on the loom…?


The Dreamer dreams and the Dreamer weaves. 

You are the bridge between the everyday world and dream worlds.

As the Dream Weaver you weave the threads between the connections that show up.  The insights you receive are an opportunity to make conscious choices in the context of who you desire to be and the footprints you wish to leave behind.

When you become the Dream Weaver, you take what you dreamed and connect it to your life.  It is your interpretation of the meaning that brings insight into your own language of the Soul with its sacred symbols of personal meaning.

The gift of your imagination allows you to discover and bring to light the golden treasures of new wisdom into day to day life.

While dreaming, you sense more clearly the larger patterns of information that lie above the noise of the mind.  You bring forth new wisdom, from a higher place of clarity. By bringing forth new wisdom, from a higher place of clarity, you help in the creation of a more harmonious world.

Discerning the Larger Pattern: 
Insights can come from the dreamtime in rather cryptic ways. Symbols are a great example of this. A symbol holds many stories and can go back to ancient times, but what is its story for you?  It may contain a nugget of meaning from long ago or represent something unique to you.

Reflect on your experiences within this journey, see if you can make connections to discover a larger pattern that is a part of your current life.  Symbols that show up in your dreams can be explored in more depth by taking a symbol back into your art to inquire as to the information or story it holds.  Whether the symbol is a fairy, rock, tree or a feeling, expand your dream weaving techniques in your art and ask the symbol or image questions. Journal the answers and be aware of answers that may show up in your everyday world and art making.

Honoring the Gifts Received:
To honor the gifts you have received, in dreamtime, they must be acknowledged in some manner back in your daily world.  Art making is an excellent way to do this and helps to anchor the experience.  It grounds your discoveries in ways that are useful and can be applied to your life.  Art making offers its own form of exploration and deeper meaning.

Creating Your Fourth Archetypal Image for the Journey

The Dream Weaver


Listen:  to the Audio – The Dream Weaver

Step into the Dream Weaver and feel yourself shift into a new version of self that can travel in the dream worlds and bring your discoveries  found there and weave them  into creating your dream weaver image.


You are becoming the Dream Weaver.

Create an image that reflects you as the *Dream Weaver.  Use Soulcollage® or your favorite way to call yourself in as the Dream Weaver that weaves experiences together into new patterns on loom.  It is powerful to move immediately into your art making from this dreaming space.  With your intention set for this archetype, your intuition will guide you towards colors, symbols, textures, and imagery for your creation.


Journal Questions:

Who are you as the Dream Weaver?
What is the thread you are using to weave with?
What is the form or shape of your loom?
How could you deepen your awareness to connect the clues discovered in the dreamtime with clues offered in daily living?


Invite Your Card to Speak:

 I am the one who…
What I have to tell you is…
What I have to give you is…
My name is…

Lesson Overview:

Listen:  To the Dream Weaving Audio
Create:  Create an image that reflects you as the Dream Weaver
Muse:  Expand the creative with the Journal Questions
Share:  We inspire each other through the sharing of ourselves and our discoveries.

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