Art of Dream Weaving: Lesson 6

Completing the Journey

Who are you now at the gateway of this journey completion?
How will you bring forward what you have learned as you continue your life journey?

Creating Your Final Archetypal Image for the Journey
Who will be the one that holds the integration of completion for this journey?


After you have created all of your Archetypal Images, there is beautiful integration offered in one final guided journey that will invite you to bring everything together.

Bringing it all together:  This work has been rich with new experiences and informative imagery.  As you experience this completion journey you can now bring all the different elements you have been exploring and find new connections.

Integration & Completion art:  You are welcome to create art around this integration and conclusion of our journey together.   This is an intuitive journey.  Here you will seek answers from your card as to what it’s called as well as the meaning it holds for you.

About this Audio:  This is an open journey designed to bring you deeply into the dream time.  The first part of the audio is a reminder summary of the process and takes you into a relaxed state.  You will be invited to set an intention and to ask a question.  From this point just take in the music and receive!  You can listen to this journey over and over again setting different intentions.

I invite you to travel with your four powerful archetypes of self into this journey of discovery!  Bring the energy of Mythic Traveler, Conscious Dreamer, the Dreamer & the Key, and the Dream Weaver with you as you expand your journey experience.



[AUDIO] LISTEN:  Guided Journey Into the Dreamtime


You are the one who is now in the completion phase of this  journey.


Journal Questions:
What is seeking connection in your own life?
What symbols show up for you now?
What energy is rising in your life that connects to a larger pattern in your journey?
Who are you now at the gateway of this journey completion?
How will you bring forward what you have learned as you continue your life journey? 




Create the archetype that carries a beautiful integration, coming into focus in this completion phase.

Gather your experiences from this guided journey or from anything you have experienced previously in the course to create with and consider the insights gained from all of your images.  Begin to weave them in ways that inform you and are useful in your daily life.  Create a SoulCollage® card or dive into any of your favorite art media to create around the conclusion of our journey together and discern its message for you!


Lesson Overview:

Listen:  To the Guided Journey Audio
Create:  Create an image that is a reflection of your Beautiful Integration at the completion of this journey.
Muse:  Expand the creative with the Journal Questions
Share:  We inspire each other through the sharing of ourselves and our discoveries.

Feel free to share your art and insights with our sacred circle Facebook page HERE!



It has been my joy to travel together with all of you!

I will be commenting in the FB group for another week and the facebook group will remain open for 5 more weeks.  I will pop in from time to time and see how you are doing!

You will be invited to a new Facebook group for Creatives who desire to travel the Mythic Journey Into Wisdom & create art that fuels their life journey.  I hope you will continue your journey with this group!

New Album:  I have exciting news,  You know all that beautiful MUSIC you have been listening to in the audios and videos?  It was composed and performed by my friend Adam King.  I asked Adam to create – a beautiful immersion album from our course music with multiple tracks especially designed for your journey into the dream time and to inspire your art making.  He has included a beautiful bonus of a 20 minute musical piece designed for creative journeys.

All for less than $12 can’t go wrong on this one!

I will post this as an announcement in the FB group…and you can also hear a Video Sampler, learn more, and purchase Click>>>HERE

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