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Heart Flame Mixed Media Lesson



What is our Heart Flame?  Within each of us is a sacred spark that is ever present and resides within our heart.  When ignited by our passion, by something we love, or that special desire we yearn to bring forth, our heart flame rises it's power a force burning through obstacles to achieve our desire.

Focus:  Our focus for the mixed media collage lesson is to create a SoulCollage® card that is a representation of our heart flame.  You can also do this lesson in your art journal, on canvas, water color paper and more!

What You'll learn:    Enhance your SoulCollage® art with painting techniques, mixed media & collage.  Learn two ways to do image transfers, work with composition, collage and enhance your work with painting.  Learn how to press your cards and artwork flat.  Kudos for inspiration from Amanda Joy Wells, Golden Products Ed, and especially Ivy Newport who inspired me with her Creative Fire art journaling lesson. This is my take but with a differing theme, additional processes, and adapted for SoulCollage® cards.  You can post your work in our private group!

[Video Access] Heart Flame Mixed Media Lesson

Supply List

Assorted Brushes - here are the ones I used.

Reference Images

Click on image to view large and download.

Or use your own favorite Image

Now we begin the lessons...

This is a six part lessons series!  Enjoy!

Part 1 Image Transfer:  Direct on Card
Part 2: Image Transfer:  Method 2 Decal Transfer on Card
Part 3:  Begin Art Making
Part 4:: Continue Art Making
Part 5: End Art Making
Part 6:  Pressing Your Art Projects

I hope you found the series enjoyable!  Use the videos to follow along and make your own card!

Completed Card Below!


Thank You!

This series was a lot of fun to create!  Thank you all for joining me!  I would love to see your work so please post it in our private group!

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