Jewelry Artist Statement


My desire is to create jewelry that speaks to each woman’s internal spirit of adventure and serve as one way for her to express her heart, soul, and style.  I have always been interested in stones and fossils since I was a little girl.  This passion had me turn my eye towards the art of jewelry making.  Many years ago, I was taught by a lovely teacher named Alice Turner how to take a stone and turn it into a piece of jewelry.   I have been hooked ever since.

I have continued to learn from many artists and teachers to whom I am forever grateful.   My studio is like an alchemical crucible, a swirling chaos of colors, textures and shapes.  Once I set my intention, beads and stones seem to reveal themselves to serve as a pallet for creating a beautiful new piece of jewelry.  Each piece is an intuitively designed combination of stones, gems, and metal meant for a special woman to wear as an artful expression of her unique self.

My work is produced by using the ancient technique of wire art.  14kt gold fill or sterling silver wire is used to create freeform settings around stones and crystals. Over time this work expanded into using multiple components along with hammering and more stylized freeform shaping.

The shape, texture and dimensions of the stones, carvings, or beads play a large role in the creative process to produce a finished piece of jewelry thus making each piece unique.

All art jewelry is created, by me, in my studio to produce a finished piece of art Jewelry.

Art Jewelry is created for you as a powerful talisman for your journey!

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