My Personal Letter to You

Dear Wise Woman

My wish for you, is to be the
source of your own power and destiny.
This is the essence of the Wise Woman’s journey
to sovereignty and reclaimed wholeness.

You are a Wise Woman
You would not be here otherwise.
Deep within you have everything you need
to realize your star dreams.
It’s just a matter of remembering
your wholeness.

You may sense a yearning deep within
undefined, yet calling out to you
pulling you towards something more.
This may be a call into an amazing journey

A call—Into Avalon
A mythical and magical landscape within you
where you as the mythic traveler
explore the larger story of who you are
and who you want to be.

Cross the threshold Into Avalon
Embark on the Wise Woman’s Journey
as the Heroine of your own story
Ignite your creative heart flame
Rekindle the sacred wisdom of your feminine nature
and sit at the feet of your greatest teacher
The Wisdom Self

Enter into your Avalon within to
clear the foggy mists that reveal your True Self
For you have a song to sing
It springs from the wellspring of your true nature
From your Original Soul Voice and is
fueled by your heart felt purpose
It is –your Soul Song

Journey Into Avalon
Reclaim the guiding light of your own truth
Be the Source of your own power and destiny
And shine like the star you are! 

Sing the song you were born to sing
–your Soul Song

The world needs this.  Yes it does!

dj sie avalon heart knowing 57k

Be fully expressed from a radiant heart!

Give your Soul Song Wings!

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