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Mythic Feminine Art

The mythic feminine is artfully portrayed in roles as a powerful, creative, and compassionate presence.  Patterns, forms, and symbols are woven together to bring through the beauty of the feminine spirit.  Each artwork is a visual wisdom story, its meaning special to each viewer.

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Each intuitive artwork holds its own message, mystery and inspirational energy.  Their creation an alchemical, co-creative process allowing for spontaneity, technique, and intention to coalesce into abstract images that often seem not of this world.

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Art Jewelry

My wish is to create jewelry that speaks to each woman’s internal spirit of adventure and serve as one way for her to express her heart, soul and style.  Each piece of art jewelry is a wearable talisman and touchstone for your life journey.

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Into Avalon

Mythic Odyssey Journey Adventure

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dj sie into avalon bridge architect


This gallery features the digital art collaborative works created for the Into Avalon:  The Wise Women’s Journey mythic odyssey adventure. My own digital artworks of myth and fantasy will be posted here as well and often represent my own mythic journey’s taken Into Avalon.

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into avalon horse

Cards and Prints

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