A mythic journey odyssey adventure
Fully orchestrated audio journey experience &
beautifully illustrated novella

The Gift of the Mythic Story

Remember when you read or heard a mythic tale that opened your heart and caused you to ponder things in new ways?  It stirred your internal landscape of imagination and caused you to see and feel things differently.   To grow and connect to more meaning in your life.

Your imagination is the Way Gate into Avalon!


What if you could explore the mythic landscape of Avalon within you?

A mythic place where you can bring in life experiences to deepen your wisdom and help you grow. A place you co-create with, that you can call your own in ways that support your life. Avalon holds many stories like King Author, the mythic grail, and more, yet it is far greater than you may realize. It awaits your discovery!


Reclaim the power of your sovereignty as the Heroine of your own story.

On the Wise Woman’s Journey, you become a mythic traveler on a guided journey to co-create with what shows up along the way.

As the Heroine on this mythic journey,

you learn skills to decide what you want to do and who you want to be in your own unfolding life story.  You do this by connecting with your deep wisdom and aligning with True Self.

From this place of wholeness,

you discover the treasures within you that can be brought forward into your everyday life.


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How are you weaving the Mythic Life into everyday living?

Into Avalon brings
a sense of aliveness, meaning and purpose into your life.

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A full emersion audio journey experience!

The wisdom of mythic perspective

Into Avalon: The Wise Women’s Journey, offers a parallel experience of real life situations.  Expand your awareness of Self!


As you journey Into Avalon,

you take on the persona of different archetypal characters. Experiencing adventures through their viewpoint offers ways to make new discoveries about life you might otherwise not see. There may be more to you than you know!


Hone Your Way Mastery – your unique life navigation skills.

Adventures help you to develop powerful skills to navigate everyday living and bring fresh insights.


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Deisgned for busy lives!  Download to your favorite listening device.  Enjoy at your own pace! Each audio section reminds you where you have been and where you are going!

Young people and grownups alike will find the journey with its soulful music entertaining, revealing, and fun.