Mythic Artist Statement


In my view, creating art is a self-discovery process, the canvas a means to bring through my experience and share as visual wisdom stories.   I search for patterns and weave connections with symbols, bringing through the beauty of the feminine spirit. I enjoy making the invisible visible.

A major focus of my art is to paint the mythic feminine in roles as a powerful, creative, and compassionate presence.  Primarily, I use acrylic paints on canvas.   As I paint, I become a mythic traveler and enter the world of my own mythic story.  I surrender to whatever wishes to come through onto the canvas. In this way, I engage in the mythical story and receptive to the creative flow, often surprised at what shows up.

If I am working with the subject of the mythic feminine, I may step into Her persona.  This is a co-creative act.   I stay open, allowing the process to unfold and inform me as I paint.  Intuitively I listen for which colors, textures, symbols and shapes want to show up.  Sometimes I scribble messages, then paint over them always being informed by the painting itself as I work.

Each painting is a visual wisdom story and perceived differently by the viewer depending where they are in their own experience.

Digital artwork is created in the same context and offers a means to merge the world around me with the Otherworld of myth.  My camera is always with me looking for new stories.

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