Art of Intentional Success Coaching

Success by conscious design
that gets things done!

Sing Your Song!

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The Way Forward

You are tired of spinning in circles and want to get your creative projects done! 

Success can happen unconsciously (if you’re lucky). 

However, why not get conscious about it?  Too often we get started on things then end up with a pile of incomplete projects lying around. 

Engage in the art of intentional success to be the tactician that builds your Way Mastery skills, get things done and makes your dreams a reality.

Held in the mythic wisdom of the egg is the unfolding… the fulfillment, and completion of your Soul Song

Get things done and give a voice to your Song!

You may be wondering

  • How do I get started to make my dreams a reality– It seems big and overwhelming?
  • How do I make time to complete my work with other demands on my time?
  • What is it I need to do to really get this done?
  • Why do feelings of fear come up when I think about really doing this?
  • Can I actually do this and be successful by my definition of success?

Become a weaver and savvy tactician

Weave connections between the mystery, myth and evolving self along with the tactics needed to complete your projects and express your Soul Song. 

Through an initial twelve sessions, I help you to:

  1. Design a flexible framework that moves you forward to completion that’s fluid, works with how you want to live your life, and gets your project(s) done.
  2. Hone your Way Mastery skills to build your capacity, knowledge, confidence, and resourcefulness.
  3. Stay on track and keep you from spinning off in directions that take you away from getting your projects done!
  4. Leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
  5. Develop your capacity to move through challenges that arise when you bring your heartfelt work into the world.
  6. Commit to taking conscious actions that get your projects done and create intentional practices that result in success as defined by you.
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You are the source of your power and destiny!

No one can do this for you.  You are the mythmaker and the meaning maker of your own life journey.   I offer guidance and a unique perspective to help you find clarity and a sense of direction.

My desire for you is to connect with your powerful brilliance and get from where you are to where you want to be in a way that works for you!

Best to you dear journeyer on your journey into wisdom,

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

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