Mythic Journey Mentoring

You are the Heroine
of your mythic story

Enter the journey into wisdom!

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It All Begins Inside

Enter into your own mythic story and rediscover the joyful heart felt purpose that gives rise to the song within you that are here to sing – your Soul Song!

It all begins inside

Deepen into more positive and powerful relationships with yourself.  Explore your own mythic story as a traveler on the spiral path to develop new ways of seeing and grow your potential.  You are more than one role or identity; discover the many facets of the jewel that is you!  You are the Heroine of your own story!  Through the mythic lens discover your True Self and the unique gifts within you!

Shine your light!  See the many paths open to you!

Are you wondering...

  • Who you are at your deepest level of being and what holds meaning for you?
  • How to reclaim magic, wonder and aliveness in your life?
  • How to connect and hear more clearly your Wisdom Voice?
  • What calls to you that desires your voice of expression?
  • How you can have a more direct and positive impact on life challenges?
  • How to get from where you are now to where you desire to be?

Start from where you are

You will be gently stretched and supported on your path as you move towards your desires, aspirations and dreams.

Through an initial twelve sessions, I help you to:

  1. Spark your creativity and imagination as a mythic traveler on a sacred journey of self-discovery.
  2. Connect more deeply with your inner Wise Woman to find keys that unlock your inner wellspring of luminosity and wisdom.
  3. Discover your own language of the soul. Enter the richness of your inner landscape to uncover the personal metaphors, archetypes, emotions, and imagery that inform your power of choice.
  4. Integrate the gifts of the mythic world into your everyday living in a tangible ways that move you towards your dreams and keep alive the spirit of adventure.
  5. Access your own insights, ideas, and wisdom to see the value in your own life story and discern what brings you meaning.
  6. Move through the shadowy mists of old stories and beliefs. Transform non serving energetic drains on your psyche and claim the wisdom they hold for you.
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You create your destiny!

No one can do this for you.  You are the mythmaker and the meaning maker of your own life journey.   I offer guidance and a unique perspective to help you find clarity and a sense of direction.

My desire for you is to connect with your powerful brilliance and get from where you are to where you want to be in a way that works for you!

Best to you dear journeyer on your journey into wisdom! 

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

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