The Wandering Mists

dj sie into avalon shfiting fog

Living up in the mountains, I often see the mists roll in and out of the terrain. Their foggy currents call out to me and I am inspired to grab my camera and wander the misty landscape a reflection of my Avalon within.

With each shifting of the fog, the landscape changes its shape and character.

Trees, grass, and stones morph into different worlds and yet they are the same. Color, light, and translucency all playing a role in the continuous recreation of the scene. A world once known now seen in a new way.

The swirling mists become hypnotic. I begin to to reflect upon my own life and wonder at the thoughts and feelings hidden in the foggy mists within me.

The continuous shift of translucency, within the fog, brings into my awareness a different sense of self now present, to wander this world until the fog rolls in again hiding the landscape once more.

In timelessness, the foggy mists drift in and out, and with each change another sense of self emerges feeling different yet the same.

A smaller reflection of the ancient cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.  I begin to see how this natural order of things plays out in my own life. My conscious choices provide the clarity to weave myself over and over again. Choices I desire to make from who I want to be and where I want to travel. In this way I “choose” at all crossroads as a Wise Woman on the journey Into Avalon. With each transition I grow more confident as I travel on my way. I feel at home in my Avalon within and in my wandering of the mists.