Uncreated Space

dj sie wise women create uncreated space
Are your thoughts so full of what needs doing it seems like you don’t have the time nor the inclination to create the new things you would like to do?
A current musing, as I continue my Big Clean anti clutter binge beyond my studio into other living and work spaces.  When my environment is filled with things that need doing they vie for my attention as though calling out:
clean me, put me away, fix me, finish me”.

This constant nag takes up head space and is a slow and constant drain on my energy and spirit…a spilling out of the creative force displaced.  When I have had enough of this, I set about creating space.

My mind is free to ponder as I move through each space and clear out the clutter.  This is a different clutter than the kind of clutter of a working studio.  A subject for another post.  What I have learned is:

Creation is energy and requires space to express itself.
This musing evoked the rather cryptic writing that follows:)


Uncreated Space

Out of the void emerged creation.

Uncreated Space.
Holding the power of potential,
Available for the unfolding and expansion,
of creation,
Into a new weave of expression.

All weaves great and small contribute to,
The grand expression;
The tiny weave of an ant,
Larger weaves of people, cultures,
and the land itself.

Each creation a weaving added,
To the universal loom as a,
Part of the cosmic flow of expression.

We are the Weavers,
Weaving the Dream of us,
Seeding the potential of what is to come.


Where can you make space in your life to,
create something new as a part of your unique expression,
adding to the weave of the loom?