Daydreaming the Stars

Into Avalon Wise Women Create Daydreaming

Why daydream?  Information bombards us daily from the outside world.  If you are a lifelong learner, you may find it overwhelming to constantly be learning new things.  Have you ever noticed when you are taking in a lot of new information, how suddenly it seems to just slide through your mind?  It won’t stick.   This is a cue to take a break from filling your head and take time to for to daydream.  Just a few minutes of allowing your mind to wander can be enough to feel refreshed and evoke new inspiration.  These lazy summer days are a wonderful time to slip into daydreaming.

The original image below was taken of me by my husband.  Using digital art brushes and techniques, I created this final creative image called:  Day Dreaming the Stars which evoked this writing.

Daydreaming the Stars

Take heart mythic travelers,
The journey is not just about,
A physically active and rigorous adventure.
That is only one aspect.

The Journey offers times of rest,
Where you can wander,
The landscapes of your mind.

Muse on possibilities,
Allow your thoughts to drift.
Wonder ~ what if,
Imagine adventures in faraway places,
Or daydream about the stars.

What do you daydream about?