Be the Calm in the Storm


This image serves as a reminder, to remain calm during turbulent times especially when things occur that are mostly outside our control.  Turbulent energies can blow through our lives and appear to warp the world around us.  By remaining calm and centered within ourselves, we can let much of this turbulence wash over us.  We can be calm in the storm.  Nothing stays static.  Movement is always happening.  The one certainty is change…and whatever is now…won’t always be.  Change will occur again.  By being calm and centered, we become more aware of our choices and experience less stress.

Existence follows the ancient law of the cycle.  Be it the rising and setting of the sun and moon, a new idea or a life experience this is also true for turbulent of times of change.  The essence of the cycle is the same.  Something new is birthed and brought forth.  It rises to a zenith where once it  peaks, beings the phase of dissolution until it is no more except compost in the underground ~ for a tiny seed of  something to rest and incubate.  Here in the quiet of the dark, it begins to grow until it births anew from what once was.   Perhaps a new offering of hope for the future to come.