Dem Bones


In making this SoulCollage card, my thoughts were about how crazy life can get.  And how easy it is to over focus on a desire for something …to the point of being unaware of what is happening in the present.

Summer is waning and the the season of the harvest is not far off.  It is a busy time of transition and life can get hectic.    With all the crazy happenings in the world, I believe my subconscious was coming through with a bit of twisted writing humor.

How About Dem Bones

“How about that bone?” asked the dog.
“Sure looks good!”The man replied indifferently,
“When pigs fly, maybe you can have it,”“Caw, caw, caw,” Laughed the crow.
“That will never happen.”“Oh come on!” cried the dog.  “I really want it!”“You’re a dog.
Get your own bone.
This one is mine.”

The crow cackled loudly.
Hopping madly from one foot to the other,
He began to sing,
“Dem bones, dem bones,
Whatcha gonna do,
Better watch out they’re coming for you!”

“Stop that,” bemoaned the dog.
“What are you?  A nutter?
You are mixing up a song,
With a TV show.”

“Me a nutter!” exclaimed the crow.
“You are the one so fixated on that bone,
you’re oblivious to the world around you.
You don’t even notice you’re drooling.
Rude, rude, rude!”

“Weeeee!”  shouted the pig, “I am flying!”
And she sailed through the sky with glee.

“Hey!” said the dog, “look… the pig flies!”
“How about that bone?”

“What bone?” replied the man,
“You must be dreaming.
There are no bones.”

“There is, is, is,!” howled the dog,
“It’s in your nose!”

“You are mistaken”.
“I have only a jewelry ornament
in my nose”.

“A bone, is a bone, is a bone!”
howled the dog.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Chortled the crow.
“Not in this world.
It’s mad, mad, mad!

“The pig flies and you said
I could have it.”

“If it were a bone,
I said maybe”.
“However since it is an illusion,
The point is moot”.

“No bone for you”.

What is the moral to this story?
I don’t know,
It’s nonsense.  Or maybe not.
Such as life at times.

Perhaps a reflection of our crazy world today.  I leave that to your imagination.

What do you think?