Dem Bones

In making this SoulCollage card, my thoughts were about how crazy life can get.  And how easy it is to over focus on a desire for something …to the point of being unaware of what is happening in the present. Summer is waning and the the season of the harvest is not far off.  It…

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Be the Calm in the Storm

art shows woman calm while things blow around her

This SoulCollage card was created from an old ad I cut out and is one of my favorites.  After pasting down the image onto cardboard stock, I added acrylic paint to enhance the movement I was sensing in the scene.  This card serves as a reminder, to remain calm during turbulent times especially when things…

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The Spiral Path of Time

This is a SoulCollage card I created for my personal card deck called:  The Spiral Path of Time.  Making these cards is a fun and intuitive process that invites self-discovery.  Each card represents an aspect of self that holds its own unique wisdom. As a creative, I chose to share this card, as there are…

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