Dry Spells Oh My!

dj sie mythic art bloom

A new painting started some time ago.
An acrylic on water color paper,
Waiting to be completed,
As an artist, I go through dry spells– Do you?
Lately it seems like I can’t get into the studio.
and too many paintings are waiting to get done!

Time is not the only culprit,
That keeps me from my work,
It’s a feeling of disconnection from the creative flow,
Making it a bigger deal,
to pick up the brush and paint again.

On the bright side,
It can make for an interesting journey,
For as time passes,
I am in a different place than when I started,
And new ideas emerge.

To keep in tune my creative flow,
It is helpful to keep a couple artworks in process,
Visible where I can see them,
Where I can contemplate at random on what I might do,
Adding to them when inspired.
Moving towards completion.

You may have your own way of staying in the flow!