The Spiral Path of Time


This is a SoulCollage card I created for my personal card deck called:  The Spiral Path of Time.  Making these cards is a fun and intuitive process that invites self-discovery.  Each card represents an aspect of self that holds its own unique wisdom.

As a creative, I chose to share this card, as there are so many things I want to create and feel I won’t have enough time to get them all done!  For some creatives this can become feelings of panic not associated to a particular thing.

This card evokes questions like: Where are you on the spiral path of time?  How will you choose to travel down the road of time?  Who do you want to be as you travel through time?  These cards take on a persona as they impart their wisdom:

The Spiral Path of Time

I am the one who is ever present,
My offering the space for experience.

As you travel along my spiral path,
Choose your priorities consciously.
Be curious and aware,
Of the many doors open to you,
Offering adventures to fuel your spirit.

Experience each moment fully.
Remember, creative heart,
You cannot help but tap into,
The larger cosmic flow of creativity,
Full of little star seeds,
That all desire expression.
It is not meant for you to make them all manifest.

Choose wisely yet choose something.
For not to choose,
Opens you to an uneventful march,
As you travel my path ahead.

If this were your card what would it say to you?