Each intuitive artwork holds its own message, mystery and inspirational energy.  Their creation an alchemical, co-creative process allowing for spontaneity, technique, and intention to coalesce into abstract images that often seem not of this world. Derived from the art process of Spiritpainting, developed and taught by Jennifer Jones, they have evolved as I have into their current mythic context.  I use MythScaping™ as an immersion, into the artistic and unexpected, within the context of weaving art, life and myth using a variety of mediums.  Most of the original art here is acrylic. 

A potent touchstone and talisman!

MythScapes hold information, through the resonance of symbolic language that evokes connection, healing, deep feeling, unknown places, wisdom, and more.  MythScapes can be used to energize or shift the energy in any space through your intention, reflection, and contemplation.  Turn them around and they have a new story to tell!