Size:  8 x 10.  Irregular size.  Long dimension is 10” and trimmed relative to image.  Includes ¼” Border.

Giclee Print




When you merged from your cocoon,
It took great courage,
To recreate yourself again,
And fly on new wings of joy.

Yes, you marvel,
This is it, I am born again,
Only to discover on your journey flight,
More is yet to come.

Many are the experiences,
Along your journey path.

Learning, growing, creating,
Through the,
Metamorphosis, transformation, and evolution,
Of the many beautiful butterflies
You are to become.

The time will come,
For your return,
Back to the source of all things,
A star seed,
Ready to be born anew,
And to spread your wings again.

~ Scribed by Deborah J. Sie