A Creative Dilemma: What to choose?


One of the challenges in creating is ~ there are so many options!   This is an image of 8 variations narrowed down from many more I created in Photoshop.  The base image was created last year and called The Mother of Dragons.  The base image was created last year and called The Mother of Dragons.  It is made up of an image of myself combined with other images.  I took it further into the images you see here with brush work and special effects.  I was not crazy about it at first.   My main intent was to practice some brush work.  Soon I found the image started to grow on me and before I knew it was into a full on deep dive of exploration!

In trying different things, one thing would piggy back onto something else and create a new layer of depth.  I had no idea where I was going.  That is the beauty of creativity!   I see creativity as an adventure.  While I have a framework to start with, the whole idea is to go exploring and see what shows up.   The framework provides the bones ~ a focus to begin.  This keeps me from being all over the place spinning my wheels.

A preconceived outcome works for some creative projects but if you find you are always working that way you may be limiting yourself.  The mind can impose restrictions around how things should be which often comes from past experience or training.  This can leave you blind to new doors of possibility open to you.

Wisecracker, my feisty fairy friend is nattering at me… that if you have not picked up on this already, this also correlates to everyday living.  Do you see life as all planned out?  That things should be a certain way just because …its’ always been that way?  Do your perceptions of how things should be, make you blind to the possibilities open to you?   How would you travel your life journey path to see more doors of opportunity?

And if you would be so kind, I would love to know which image you like the best!  Think of them as numbered 1 through 8 and leave a comment below!



Don’t be a sappy fairy ~ life is too short!  Be creative!  Have fun!  Live!