The Impulse to Be

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You may have noticed the feminine images on my site and in my posts are of myself in a variety of mythic identities.  Some images were taken in professional photo shoots and required much time and preparation.  Lately I have had fun doing spontaneous shoots as the spirit moves me without all the prep to enjoy just being in the experience.   This is one of the ways I fuel my creativity.  The fun part is never being sure what will come out of it: digital art, a writing, and idea for a new painting!  The experience itself  the real gift.  The story behind this image:


The Impulse to Be


Come out!  Come out!  Come out!
The mossy rocks called out to me,
As I gazed at them through my picture window,
Nestled in the swirling mists,
that had rolled in behind the dawn.

Lichen in whimsical shapes and textures,
Meandered along their surface,
In shades of minty green and lavender,
Vibrant with moisture from drinking in the foggy mists.

The fog moved amongst and between the tiniest of things,
Small leaves of bright green burst from their buds,
Lending a lacy feel to the landscape.

Normally I would grab my camera,
To wander about and enjoy the misty mysteries,
Wistfully, I didn’t heed their invitation.

As I passed by my window throughout the day,
my attention would be pulled towards the view.
The mossy rocks and lush greenery,
Persistent in their invitation,
Come out, come out, so you can go in!

After many hours in front of my computer,
I felt an impulse to move, to create,
To be photographed in the foggy mists,
And step into Avalon for a little while.

Little voices cried out inside my head,
You’re too exhausted.
There is too much yet to do.
What would you wear?
These things take time and you need a plan.
You don’t even have any makeup on!

I honored their truth,
Then ignored them.

Off I went to my closet of exotic and wonderful things,
to root about for something to wear.
The ensemble seemed to create itself.
A dash of lipstick sufficed and I seized up one of my staffs.
I called out to my husband to grab the camera,
And join me in the mists.

In sheer delight I made my way over,
To the mossy rocks that had called out to me,
And settled myself among them.
A feeling of elation came over me as I sat surrounded,
By the lush new growth of green things.
My connection to the earth,
a joyful song singing through my bones.

It felt wondrous to stretch my arms and sense,
The kiss of misty dampness on my checks.

Feeling the urge to move again,
I picked my way through the rocky terrain,
To the bluff behind the house.

In sheer delight I raised my arms up and wide,
Sensing, feeling, touching, reconnecting,
The wellspring rising up from within me,
Filling with the joy in being with,
My Avalon within.


There is always so much to do.  Had I not honored my impulse to wander the fog, a wonderful experience would have been missed along with some nice images.  Should you find yourself feeling that pull to go out, to take a walk, to just sit for a while and listen.  Act…this is a wisdom gift from yourself!