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The Elusive Crow

Crow Lives up to its other name of trickster. Especially when it comes to catching one with my camera. It seems each time I attempt to catch a photo of one, the wily birds know it and take off and disappear. In working with this shot, my imagination wonders that perhaps the little tricksters are…

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A happy accident when I took this photo rushing through the airport.  Its message was not lost on me as I saw how the asap signs seem to jump out at me.It was time to look at my life and see where I could slow down.  Where in your life can you choose to slow…

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The Calling of Horses

A current painting I am working on.  A totally new style for me.  I had no idea of what I was going to paint when I started except it would have a horse or two in it. When the image of the painting came to me my first thought was…oh no all those horses!  Long…

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The Wandering Mists

Living up in the mountains, I often see the mists roll in and out of the terrain. Their foggy currents call out to me and I am inspired to grab my camera and wander the misty landscape a reflection of my Avalon within. With each shifting of the fog, the landscape changes its shape and…

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I am DJ and this is a space where wisdom stories are shared about art, life, and myth.  Here is where I weave discoveries from my own life into word, image and mythic story.  Each post is a chronicle that holds a bit of wisdom.  May these posts spark your Wisdom Voice


Meet Wisecracker

At times, this feisty fairy shows up to speak her truth.   On the rebellious side, she tends to not care what other people think and freely gives her opinion.  She has as a tendency to tell it like it is and name the “elephant in the room”

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Creative Process Peeks

Artworks, Jewelry, and peeks at my creative process are offered here along with sharing stories of discoveries through art, art process, and creative inspiration.  At times artwork and art jewelry is posted for sale here first before it is offered publicly.