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Way Mastery - Sovereign Wisdom - Guiding Loadstar

Be expressed from a radiant heart
Give your soul song wings!

 Coaching for Transformation, Personal and Professional Growth

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Coaching will reconnect you with your heartfelt purpose and the song within you – your Soul Song.

Soul Songs may be expressed through creating projects, businesses, or by simply being kind to others and sharing a smile. 

Through coaching, creative and transformative processes are offeredto discover your own source material that opens doors into the wellspring of guidance that is held within you.  This develops your Way Mastery – your unique navigation skills to find, open, and create your way towards your goals and aspirations.

Along the way parts of yourself are revealed, healed and accepted into the brilliant whole of your being and you build a powerful relationship with yourself.

The world needs YOUR Soul Song.  Yes it does!

Who It's For

Both women and men from many walks of life.

Psychotherapists, creatives, coaches, healers, project managers, seekers, and leaders. Each had a desire to awaken to their Soul Song, align with their heart-felt purpose and share their song in a way that resonated with how they wanted to live their life going forward.

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Mythic Journey Mentoring

You desire to remember your Soul Song and reconnect with your heart felt purpose. You are ready to travel deeper on the Wise Woman’s Journey! 

If this resonates, Mythic Journey Mentoring is for you. 

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Align and Design

You know your unique Soul Song, but are undecided on the form it should take. If you feel bombarded with ideas or a lack of clarity, this offering will help you to determine direction and develop the ideas that excite you the most. 

If this resonates, Align and Design is for you.

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Art of Intentional Success

You are clear on your unique Soul Song and know the form in which you want to express it, but aren’t clear how to bring the project or idea to successful completion.

If this resonates, The Art of Intentional Success is for you.

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An innate ability I offer is seeing connections on multiple levels, between cosmic bits of dreams, ideas, stories, wisdom, and unknown possibility.  

It is a joy to help you discover and weave these connections into the new thoughts and ideas that help you grow and create what you desire to express in the world.


"Deborah helped pull from deep inside me the wisdom and core values that underpin everything that I do. This provided me with the confidence that whatever direction I take in life and business, the foundation is rooted in authenticity and what works for me. Deborah’s deep knowledge, vast experience, varied background, insightful nature and desire to see others succeed are a unique and powerful combination."

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"Deborah was amazing at getting me unstuck and transitioning to a bright future. She helped me realize that social work is my calling after being out of that field for six years. Due to her coaching, I was able to secure a social worker position within the federal government. My health has improved immensely. I feel happy and hopeful about my future, have dreams again and goals that I am confident I can obtain."

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